Ward 3 hopefuls chided for living elsewhere

Four of nine Edmonton municipal election candidates running in Ward 3 are criticized for living outside the ward in a public forum Wednesday night.

Where candidates live became an issue during a Ward 3 public forum in Edmonton's municipal election Wednesday evening.

Four of the nine candidates running in the north-central ward don't live there, with three living nearby and one from the west end.

Candidates Louis Sobolewski, Hatem Naboulsi, and Dave Loken argued the issue is irrelevant because they live within blocks of the ward.

West end resident Terry Demers argued she spent six years working for retiring councillor Ron Hayter, who represented the area for years.

Rose Shumansky, an audience member at the forum, said she believes it's inappropriate for people to run in a ward in where they don't live.

"They should be living in the ward to know the issues," she said.

"They've got potential conflict of interest when they've got neighbours and friends within the bounds of the other ward, that they'll be pressured by immediate neighbours and friends and to take their issues and that may precedence over Ward 3."

The candidates insist that's not going to happen and say they will represent the best interest of the ward and the city.

Audience member Brad Day accused Loken of running in Ward 3 because Ward 2, where Loken lives, is the ward where incumbent Kim Krushell is running for re-election.

"He probably knows that he's probably going to lose against Kim so he's going to go to the next best place, which is Ward 3, with no incumbents," he said.

Loken, who lives just 10 blocks away and has been in the area for more than 40 years, did not disagree.

"Well, I'll be perfectly honest with you," he said. "I didn't run in Ward 2 because Kim Krushell's running in Ward 2. Kim Krushell is an incumbent."

The election is Oct. 18.