The takedown of an alleged shoplifter at a west end Wal-Mart has raised questions about the training of security staff.

A violent video posted on YouTube shows two civilians taking down an Edmonton man who stabbed one of them after he allegedly stole from the store.

Dan Chivers, the vice president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association, says the arrest initially appears to be justified.

“It appears that someone is being stabbed, so I think at least a large portion of that violence appears to me to be potentially justified,” Chivers said.

However, Chivers did find some aspects of the arrest problematic.

“It’s kind of the last few shots to the head that appear to be out of anger that concern me,” he said. 

Chivers believes loss prevention officers may need more than the 40 hours of training required by the province.

Officers can have a criminal record, as long as it is not serious.

The man arrested in the video has a criminal history that includes several charges of shoplifting, theft and fraud, as well as uttering a forged document.