Voters decide Alberta time capsule contents

Voters have selected five items to be sealed in a time capsule at the Alberta Legislature.

Voters have selected five items to be sealed in a time capsule until 2112 when it will be unearthed to mark the 200th anniversary of the legislature.

The top five items selected by 6,000 voters:

  • letters to the future by Alberta schoolchildren with predictions about life 100 years from now;
  • a roll of 2012 pennies and an uncirculated 2012 coin set;
  • newspapers from the legislature’s centennial celebrations in September;
  • photos of the 1909 time capsule unearthing event in June; and,
  • photos of classes that participated in the School at the Legislature program in 2012.

Albertans were invited to select their favourite five items from a list of 20 suggestions to be included in the time capsule which will be placed beneath the cornerstone of the Legislature Building later this year.

Voters also suggested their own ideas including seeds from Alberta’s native trees, the precious stone ammolite, a piece of grain elevator, a jar of honey and a digital appliance such as an iPhone.

"The time capsule vote was an enjoyable and meaningful way to connect Albertans to their Legislature," said Gene Zwozdesky, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

A complete list of contents for the time capsule will be released later in the year.