The cats suffered burns to their face and their paws. ((CBC))

An Edmonton veterinary clinic is putting out a call for the owner of two female cats that survived Sunday's explosion in the north part of the city.

The clinic issued the call to "let somebody out there know that the cats are alive … they're here," said Jolene Harmeson, animal health technologist with the Edmonton Veterinarians Emergency Clinic.  "We just really want to reunite them with their family."

Four people died when a house at 91st Street and 180A Avenue in Edmonton's Lago Lindo neighourhood exploded at about 1:20 p.m. MT Sunday.

The first cat was brought in to the clinic by a city bylaw officer shortly afterwards. A police officer found the second animal later in the evening in the walls of one of the burned-out homes.

"They were disoriented," Harmeson said of the two cats. "We weren't sure if they would regain their eyesight … Sunday, they were in pretty rough shape."

Cats likely came from same house

The cats suffered smoke inhalation, as well as second-degree burns to their face and the pads of their paws. Staff at the clinic kept them in an oxygen chamber until Tuesday night. They are also being treated with pain medication and cream for their burns.

"We think that their hair probably saved them from being burnt even more. We figure they were probably long-haired cats at one time, but a lot of it has been singed off," Harmeson said.

Staff at the clinic believe the animals came from the same house: They have consecutive tattoo numbers and they are similar in appearance.

The clinic hasn't been able to trace the tattoo numbers, nor has anyone called about the cats. Harmeson hopes someone presumed the animals were dead.

If no one calls for the animals, Harmeson said, they will likely be transferred to city bylaw for a week. If no one picks them up there, they will likely be sent to the Edmonton Humane Society where they can be adopted.

"I just really hope if that happens, they can go together," Harmeson said.


With files from Trisha Estabrooks