Vandalism has reached a whole new level in Edmonton, with police now investigating damage to dozens of bus shelters.

A spree of mischief left 71 bus shelters with broken glass, and 15 houses and cars with broken windows, police say.

The latest outbreak of vandalism started on Feb. 18, when police received reports of four vehicles and one house with broken glass in the Evansdale, Casselman and McLeod neighbourhoods.

The next night, seven vehicles and two homes were damaged in Abbottsfield, Casselman, Hairsine, McConachie and McLeod.  Another vehicle in Kilkenny was also damaged on Saturday.

So far, the EPS Northeast Division has received reports of 63 vandalized bus shelters. Among the areas hit were: Abbottsfield Transit Shelter, Abbottsfield Road, Belvedere Transit Centre, 50th Street, Victoria Trail, 139th Avenue, 127th Avenue, Hermitage Road, 118th Avenue, Manning Drive, 82nd Street, and 144th Avenue.

Bus Shelter Damaged 1

A spree of mischief left 71 bus shelters with broken glass, and 15 houses and cars with broken windows. (EPS)

Four more transit shelters were reported damaged the southwest, two in the southeast and one in west Edmonton. 

"This early into the investigation, we can't rule out whether or not the houses and vehicles with broken windows are connected to the mischief to bus shelters," said Det. Rick Dahl. "This mischief spree has negatively affected a lot of innocent citizens and transit riders."

Much of the damage is thought to have occurred overnight. Police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying suspects that are responsible for this senseless crime.

The preliminarily estimate to clean-up debris and install new window panes at the vandalized bus shelters is approximately $30,000.