People who use a park on Jasper Avenue and 92nd Street say the city isn't reacting to their complaints about used hypodermic needles that pose a danger to them, their children and their pets.

"The response from the city seems to be minimal," said Patrick Gignac, who walks his dog in the park east of downtown Edmonton every day. "They don't have staff who know which department to direct to have this stuff cleaned up."

Gignac says he and other users have called the city about the problem for months. But city officials claim they haven't received any complaints.


Patrick Gignac says the park was well-used after it was cleaned-up last year. CBC

Sharon Chapman, with Capital City Clean-Up, says residents need to call the city's 311 information line.

"According to the 311 script that the City has in place, it's fairly clear where and who is responsible for picking up the needles," she said.

Staff from Capital City Clean-up and city firefighters are trained to dispose of used syringes.

Gignac is frustrated at the state of the park, which was well-used after a two-year clean-up.

"Last year it was really nice and this park was utilized quite a bit. People were in here, they were bringing their pets every day here, playing with their kids, having picnics here," he said.

"Now it's too messy, it's too dirty and too dangerous."