Busloads of people who toured farms in the northeast corner of Edmonton on Sunday were urged to support a new plan to preserve agricultural lands within city limits.

Debbie Hubbard from the Greater Edmonton Alliance wants councillors to set aside land for farming when they review the city's food and agricultural policy this fall.

"This fall they've got some really important decisions to make around the future of food and food producing and the food system," Hubbard said.

"And we're just helping people connect and become aware of that by connecting them with the people who are helping to feed them."

But not all landowners agree that the city should place restrictions on the area.  

"It'll lock us down," said Todd Molineaux, whose family has lived in the Horse Hill area for 85 years.

"It'll really limit .. who we can sell to because not everyone will be interested if it's an agricultural zone only. I know what they're speaking on is my property rights and my decisions and that's not my plan and my goals."

Molineaux and other landowners have formed a group called the North East Edmonton Alliance.