Unwanted election signs irk Edmonton homeowner

Jaclyn Gallop has had enough with the municipal election signs that keep cropping up in her backyard.

Rogue campaign signs in the Ward 12 race have Jaclyn Gallop seeing red

In the Edmonton byelection, one resident, Jaclyn Gallop, is tired of having signs screwed and stapled on her fence without her permission. 0:50

Jaclyn Gallop has had enough with the municipal election signs that keep cropping up in her backyard.

Gallop remains undecided on who to vote for in the crowded Ward 12 race, but after several signs she didn't request were screwed into her back fence, a handful of the 32 potential candidates were quickly scratched off her list.

"I have four offenders that I'm not going to vote for," said Gallop during a Tuesday morning interview on Edmonton AM.

Gallop, who lives on the corner of 91st Street. and Ellerslie Road says the unwelcome signs have been posted  by candidates Field Pieterse, Danisha Bhaloo, Arundeep Singh Sandhu, and Mohinder Banga.

"We live in a pretty prominent area of Ward 12, " said Gallop. "I do see that it's a good place to put your signs, but I don't appreciate that they haven't asked permission."

Frustrated with the damage caused to her fence, Gallop filed complaints with all four campaign offices, but says she only heard back from from Sandhu and Banga.

"We contacted each of the offenders to take their signs down, but none of that was done for us," said Gallop.  "We did get a couple apologies and were told it wouldn't happen again, but it did."

City regulations require that political candidates have permission before posting signs on private property, but Gallop says no one at the bylaw office was willing to enforce the rules.

"No one was really willing to help, " said Gallop. "Apparently there is no legislation to help private property owners. And that just seems ridiculous."

Gallop isn't angry at the volunteers who damaged her fence, but is irked by the lack of consideration from candidates.

"I'm surprised more of them haven't come to my door and told me about their platform," said Gallop. "I wish they would come to my house and tell me their stories, rather than advertise on my lawn."

Voters in Ward 12 go to the polls on Feb. 22. The seat became vacant last fall when former councillor Amarjeet Sohi was elected the MP for Edmonton-Mill Woods. 


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