A new art exhibit in Edmonton promises to tell the stories behind the protest posters displayed around Ukraine at a time when political tensions in the country remain high.

The show, which focuses on 50 posters spread throughout Ukraine during the early days of the crisis, is now on display at St. John’s Institute.

“They were designed to be made on home printers … in that, there lies the power of it,” said Suzanna Brytan, the institute’s executive director.

The Euromaidan Project was designed by the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage at the University of Saskatchewan.

Brytan hopes the exhibit will allow Edmontonians to connect with a crisis on the other side of the world.

“It’s a very powerful connection to a place that many Ukrainian Canadians have never been, but we still have a very close connection to … because that’s where our culture comes from.”

The exhibit is in Edmonton until March 16.

See above: Brytan gives a run down of some of the posters and explains the meanings behind the images.