Uber is urging its drivers and passengers to push the province to change licensing and insurance legislation by March 1 to accommodate the ride-hailing company.

Last month, Edmonton became the first city in Canada to allow Uber to operate legally, but only if drivers can get legal commercial insurance, currently unavailable in the province.

The city said at the time that Uber had promised not to operate until after the bylaw comes into effect March 1, until drivers can get the proper insurance.

"If the provincial government doesn't act on driver's licensing and insurance before this bylaw comes into effect on March 1, Uber will be forced to cease operating in Alberta," spokesperson Jean-Christophe de Le Rue said in a statement.

Uber is asking Edmonton drivers and riders to tweet their government MLAs.

The province said it is still looking at the legislation and has no firm timeline for when changes might be made.

"Alberta is committed to finding an appropriate solution allowing ride-share companies to operate in a fair manner, while also protecting drivers, passengers, and other road users," said a statement from the office of Transportation Minister Brian Mason.

"Government is currently looking at options."

Uber at odds with City of Calgary

According to the City of Calgary website, proposed amendments to the Livery Transport Bylaw "will create the opportunity for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber to legally operate in Calgary."

But Uber is unhappy with the proposed regulatory framework. The company has launched a social media campaign urging people to tweet "Bring Uber back to Calgary," using the hashtag #Uber4Calgary.

The city has taken to Twitter with the same hashtag to promote its position.