An American soldier based near Seattle, Wash., was killed Monday during a Canadian military exercise at a base in east-central Alberta.

The U.S. army reservist died during a training exercise dubbed Maple Guardian being conducted at CFB Wainwright, 200 kilometres east of Edmonton, Canadian Forces Capt. Tom St. Denis said on Tuesday.

Maj. Hilary Luton, a U.S. army spokeswoman, said the soldier was based at Fort Lewis Wash, just outside Seattle, but would not identify the dead soldier, or his role in the training exercise.

The Americans have been in Wainwright for the past 10 days to provide helicopter support for the training mission, she said.

About 3,500 Canadian and American soldiers are training in Wainwright at the moment, and those operations are continuing despite the accident, said officials.

"It can't stop," said St. Denis. 

"But people are just that much more careful now because it was a training accident.  They're that much more careful now doing their own jobs, so it's having an effect on all of us."

The exercise is intended to help get Canadian troops ready for deployment to Afghanistan this summer.

With files from the Canadian Press