U.S. prosecutors deciding if Alberta MLA should face charges

Officials in St. Paul, Minnesota are still deciding whether Fort McMurray MLA Mike Allen will be formally charged with soliciting for prostitution

Fort McMurray MLA Mike Allen arrested for allegedly soliciting for prostitution

Some people in Fort McMurray think the arrest of MLA Mike Allen has hurt his political future 1:25

Officials in St. Paul, Minnesota are still deciding whether Fort McMurray MLA Mike Allen will be formally charged with soliciting for prostitution.

St. Paul city attorney Sara Grewing says the decision to proceed with a formal charge will be made through her office.

Fort McMurray MLA Mike Allen was arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota on Monday. (Courtesy of St. Paul Pioneer Press)

"One of the prosecutors and I will review the case when all the information has come in," she said.

"If we’re planning on moving forward, we’ll file it with the court this week or early next."

Allen, 51, was arrested on Monday for allegedly answering an ad for escort services that was placed by undercover police officers in St. Paul.  Allen was in the U.S. city attending a conference as a representative of the Alberta government.

On Tuesday, Allen apologized and announced his resignation from the Progressive Conservative caucus.

He remains the MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo but there are calls for him to step down.

"Mr. Allen needs to do the honourable thing," said Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson.

"Step down, have a by-election and let the people of Fort McMurray decide his fate if he chooses to run again."

In Fort McMurray, some people think Allen should resign his seat.

"I think he's pretty much dug this hole and now he has to rest in it," said Matt Gilbert. "Even if he were to stay, how many votes would he really get after this scandal?"

Brenda Crane believes that Allen should step down even though she says politicians have done much worse.

"I think that he has done us a disservice so yes," she said. "I think that he put his own interests before ours so he already crossed that line."