U.S. attack ad mistakenly targets Alberta minister

Alberta minister Dave Hancock became the star of a Minnesota attack ad after he was confused with a Republican politician with a similar name.
The ad, which ran in a Minnesota newspaper Thursday, features a picture of Alberta MLA Dave Hancock on the left instead of a Republican with a similar name. (Courtesy: The Bemidji Pioneer)

Alberta’s Minister of Human Services has found himself as the star of an attack ad by an unlikely group - Minnesota Democrats.

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party sponsored a full-page ad attacking two of Minnesota’s State Representatives, claiming "Rep. Larry Howes and Rep. David Hancock aren’t telling the truth about Minnesota’s budget" in the Bemidji Pioneer on Aug. 29.

However, instead of a picture of Minnesota Republican David Hancock, the ad included a photo of Edmonton-Whitemud MLA Dave Hancock.

Dave Hancock could not be reached for comment, but his office said he is aware of the mix-up.

He wrote on Twitter "My influence knows no boundaries ;) Campaign Advice: know your opponent" Thursday.


Alberta's Dave Hancock could not be reached for comment, but did mention the ad on his Twitter page. (Twitter)