Students and faculty at University of Alberta held a two-hour "teach-in" Tuesday to protest the draft letter of expectation the province sent to the post-secondary institution last month.

The province cut funding for universities and colleges by seven per cent and now plans to bring the 26 institutions under the banner of Campus Alberta to eliminate duplication of programs and cut administrative costs.

Second-year English major Heather Stock believes will diminish the value of a degree from the University of Alberta.

"I feel like the government is trying to level education across all of Alberta and make a degree from for example, the University of Alberta, the same as a degree from Lethbridge or Athabasca," she said.

"And I feel like it really takes the diversity out of programs and also makes a degree from the U of A not as important as other universities."

"Campus Alberta is really scary to me," said graduate student Emily Douglas. " It speaks to the idea of kind of homogenizing all of the institutions. Reducing any idea of real diversity or difference between them."

University officials plan to respond to the province’s letter next week.