The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the University of Alberta is at the centre of hazing allegations. ((CBC))

The University of Alberta has suspended the activities of the Edmonton chapter of a fraternity at the centre of hazing allegations.

"Effectively immediately, the registration of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity as a student group at the university has been suspended," said the university's dean of students, Frank Robinson. "The suspension is in effect until further notice."

The university's Campus Protection Services launched an investigation last week after an article in the campus newspaper The Gateway detailed hazing incidents alleged to have taken place at the fraternity in January 2010.

The incidents, which included forcing individuals to eat their own vomit, depriving them of sleep and confining them to a plywood box, were captured on video.

The suspension has no effect on the status of students who belong to the fraternity. The investigation into the activities depicted on the video continues, Robinson said.

The suspension means the fraternity has lost rights afforded to all university student groups, including the use of campus facilities, use of institutional liquor and gaming licences and access to and ability to rent university equipment, Robinson said.

The fraternity is housed on private land near the university's campus in Edmonton.