Edmonton emergency crews have been busy over the past three days responding to calls of suspicious packages containing white powder.

Police would not comment on what the substance in the various packages was, but did confirm that the material was non-hazardous.

'At this point, the general public has not been in danger.' - Sgt. Kevin Neumeier of the Edmonton police explosives disposal unit

Emergency crews are growing increasingly frustrated with every call they receive about these incidents.

“It’s frustrating from our standpoint,” said Sgt. Kevin Neumeier of the Edmonton police explosives disposal unit. “It is a huge drain on our resources. Though public safety has not been in jeopardy up to this point, we have to treat every incident as if it were real. We have no choice and it ties up a lot of man hours with the police and fire department.”

Emergency crews were called to the Stollery Children’s hospital as well as Edmonton Police headquarters on Friday. Earlier this week suspicious packages were also discovered in envelopes mailed to the Brownlee building, the law courts and a law office near the Legislature.

Police say the packages originated from the same location and were mailed on the same day.

They wanted to stress that at no point has public safety been in jeopardy.

“At this point, the general public has not been in danger,” said Neumeier.

Police say the person or persons responsible could face charges of public mischief, which could entail jail time and a hefty fine.

CBC News