The curling club in Two Hills, Alta., was completely destroyed by fire Tuesday night.

RCMP said that the fire was so intense, it was impossible for crews from three different fire departments to save the building. However, they were able to prevent flames from spreading to the adjacent arena.

Mayor Elaine Sorochan said there was a smell of gas before the fire, followed by a big bang.

"It is a big loss for our town," she said. "It was a gathering place for all the people in the community and it was also used as a meeting area."

A number of people had gathered at the club for a meeting when they smelled a gas odor. One man went to shut off the services when the fire was touched off. He received minor burns.

Everyone inside was able to get out safely. Several nearby homes were also evacuated.

Investigators said they do not know how long gas had been leaking into the rink before it was shut off.

The mayor said the rink was insured and the town hopes to rebuild, though when that might be isn't known.

With files from CBC's Scott Fralick