One man is in hospital with life-threatening injuries and two men are in custody after a series of attacks east of downtown early Saturday morning.

Police say the first attack happened around 2:45 a.m. when a man living near 95th Street and 110th Avenue heard a commotion outside of his home.

When he went outside to investigate, he was "savagely beaten" by the two men causing the disturbance, said Edmonton Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan.

"He is presently in hospital in life-threatening condition," said Allan of the first victim, who has several skull fractures. "Medical professionals are unsure if he is going to survive."

Police say the two suspects then broke into the bedroom of a neighbouring residence and attacked a second man who had been sleeping when they crashed through his window.

The second victim was beaten and robbed, but managed to escape the attackers by telling them he had more money in his car. Once outside, he managed to break free and run away, where he encountered two security guards who were in the area on unrelated business.


Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan called the three attacks a savage sequence of events with a very poetic end” (CBC)

"This gentleman essentially outsmarted these two men and managed to distract them for long enough that he was able to escape on foot," said Malcolm.

"Very heads up, very sharp in a situation where I’m sure he was fearing for his life," Malcolm added.

Upon seeing the approaching guards, the two suspects split up and ran in opposite directions, said Malcolm.

Police dogs helped officers track down one of the suspects almost immediately.

Third victim fought off suspect with machete

Malcolm said the second suspect, however, broke into another residence down the block where he assaulted yet another man, punching him about the head as the victim lay in his bed.

The third victim happened to have a machete in his bedroom. He swung it at the suspect and was able to escape from his bedroom to living room where the attack continued, said Malcolm.

There, investigators say the victim swung his machete at the suspect once more and managed to make contact, severely cutting the attacker’s head and face. The second suspect then fled out the front door of the house, leaving a trail of blood that officers were able to use to track him down.

"The treatment of all three of these gentlemen was very savage. Just a total disregard for life," said Allan.

"A savage sequence of events with a very poetic end," he added.

Allan said multiple assault and break and enter charges are pending against the two suspects, both of whom are in their early 20s and are well known to police.

Police say their investigation is ongoing due to complicated chronology of events, as well as the high volume of forensic and blood evidence to be collected.

Police are investigating whether the suspects may have been under the influence of alcohol during the attacks.