Alberta Health Services is notifying families whose children attend a daycare in Fort McMurray that they may have been exposed to a case of active, infectious tuberculosis.

Daycare staff are also being notified, AHS said in a news release Monday.

AHS said it is not naming the daycare centre because all people affected are being notified directly and there is no risk to others.

"This case is not a risk to general public, and is also not an ongoing risk to the daycare staff or

attendees," AHS said. "Only those notified by AHS are considered exposed to this case."

AHS said its TB services and communicable disease control teams are working with the medical officer of health and pediatric clinicians to complete follow-up screening.

Tuberculosis infection occurs when TB germs are inhaled into the lungs. In most cases, inhaled germs remain inactive and don't cause symptoms of illness. TB disease occurs when inhaled germs become active, causing symptoms of illness.

Tuberculosis germs are spread to others through the air when a person with TB disease in the lungs coughs, sneezes or talks.