Fines for behaving poorly on Edmonton buses and the LRT will go up Aug. 1 after city council unanimously approved the increases Wednesday.

People who are caught without proof of payment will be fined $250 — a $140 increase from the current rate.

"People have been calling for greater consequences, particularly to fare evasion, and I think a $250 ticket will serve as a powerful reminder to pay your fare," Coun. Don Iveson said.

Fines will increase for 33 different offences, including vandalism, littering or being drunk and behaving offensively on a train or bus.

The city is expecting to earn $750,000 more in revenue next year because of the jump.

Peace officers handed out 6,500 tickets last year with most given to people who didn't pay to ride the LRT.

Enforcement is also being stepped up with the addition of 10 new peace officers to transit security staff.