Edmonton transit officials will ask city council to hire more security staff to help curb violent incidents and bad behaviour in and around buses and the LRT.

The request is for another 12 special constables to jointhe 30 who now patrol the system.

The increase in staff would help deal with a growing number of incidents and attacks near city transit facilities, said Mike Derbyshire, director of safety and security for transit.

Last Thursday night a teen was assaulted and robbed at the West Edmonton Mall transit station.And onthe weekend a 51-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint by two young men at a bus stop just east of the downtown.

Last month a man was stabbed to death after a fight on a city bus spilled onto the street.

Derbyshire said doubling the security staff would help, but attacks like the ones last week are a symptom of a problem that can't be solved by police and security officials alone.

"This is a big city we live in now. We have 6,000 bus stops, we have 37 LRT cars, we have over 900 buses. For us to be able to have a security person at every bus stop, at every street corner, at every one of our 26 facilities, is simply impractical."

If city council approves increasing security staff,the officers would be on the street beginning in 2008.