A five-metre cross made of ice, lit from within, has been built by a St. Albert man as a tribute to his mother whose cancer recently spread to her brain.  

“My little way of saying I'm here to help you, let's fix it, right?” Corry Wood said.  “This is a way of saying I'm here with you every step."

Wood built the cross on the front lawn of his house on Fawcett Crescent using ice bricks, frozen individually in plastic containers. He then stacked the bricks, fusing them together with slush.

A blue spotlight placed inside the hollowed-out base illuminates the pedestal. 

The cross is lit by clear icicle lights, held at the top by a wooden spoon.

Corry and Donna Wood

Corry Wood and his mother, Donna. (Courtesy of Corry Wood )

​ Wood used GPS to orient the cross towards his parents’ home in Stony Plain. His mother, Donna, is proud of what he’s done.

“She said how many sons, kids, would do that much work,” Corry’s wife Kelly Wood said.

Neighbours say they are touched by Wood’s tribute.

“I think that it's tremendous that her son would do something like that for her,” Kathleen Fitzpatrick said.

Wood is now building two more crosses on his lawn.

“For other people with other problems it doesn't have to be cancer, you could be laid off,could be anything,” he said.