Mill Woods residents are upset over a fire early Friday morning that left a portion of the playground at Velma Baker School a charred, melted mess.

Fire investigators say the blaze was deliberately set.

"The first I saw it my heart dropped and broke," said Natalie Thorarinson, 12. "I almost started to cry I was so upset."

Recently Thorarinson help collect pennies to raise $5,000 to add a tire swing to the playground.

Now an entire section of the playground will have to be replaced.

"I can't believe that someone would actually come in with that intention knowing that it affects the kids, it affects the community, it costs dollars," said Emily Ollerhead, a parent and education assistant at the school.

Ollerhead helped fundraise more than $300,000 to build the playground four years ago.

Thorarinson said if someone set the fire on purpose, they should be forced to come and help re-build if they're caught.

The playground is on city land, and is covered by insurance.

With files from CBC's Lydia Neufeld