Tip leads to copper wire bust in Edmonton

Edmonton police are crediting a farmer for the recovery of a large amount of stolen copper wire.
Police discovered spools of stolen copper wire in northeast Edmonton. (EPS)

Edmonton police are crediting a farmer for the recovery of a large amount of copper wire.

The farmer noticed some suspicious activity in a field in the northeast part of the city around noon Sunday.

When police arrived, they discovered 10 industrial spools of copper wire.

Further investigation led police to several other addresses where they located a number of items reported stolen including 10 more spools of wire, a cherry-picker truck with a 12-metre trailer, a pick-up truck, an ATV, and other industrial equipment.

The copper wire is valued at $300,000 with the rest of the stolen property estimated also at $300,000.

Police are calling the discovery one of the biggest copper wire busts in this area. They never would have had a break in the case if the farmer hadn't called them, Det. Dan Duiker said.  

"We would never pick up on something like that," he said. "There's a ton of construction and infrastructure being put in out in that area. You just never know until a local person notices something out of the norm."

Four men between the ages of 42 and 48 are facing possession of stolen property charges.