An inner-city thrift store that helps Edmonton's poor has learned the damage from a fire Monday night is far more extensive than first thought.

The centre revised its original damage figure estimate, saying the damage is closer to $650,000.

The smell of smoke was still in the air Thursday as Bissell Centre executives made tough decisions about the store's future. The store has already laid off seven staff, and is moving quickly to find a temporary location.

"My concern is that if costs escalate too much then there'll be a question of is the building even salvageable and do we need to tear it down and rebuild or whatever," Bissell Centre CEO Mark Holmgren told CBC News.

"So that's a more long term and a little more stressful situation to face."


Bissell Centre CEO Mark Holmgren worries the building will not be salvageable. (CBC)

The thrift store is still accepting donations in the parking lot and counting on those donations to fill a temporary location.

Arson is not suspected as the cause.