Hundreds of well-wishers have joined with the family of Thomas Wedman, the six-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a school bus in St. Albert last week, at man Edmonton church for a memorial service.

The service, which is open to the public, began at  7:30 p.m. at Edmonton’s North Pointe Community Church.

A funeral for the boy was held Thursday at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Millet.

In an email sent to CBC Edmonton and other media outlets, Jeff and Sheri Wedman, the boy's parents, again offered their thanks for overwhelming community support after the tragedy.

"Literally hours after the tragedy, notes of support started to come flooding to us through many avenues. Family, friends, and complete strangers shared with us letters of encouragement, their own personal sadness, and memories of Thomas. Although we haven't yet had time to answer them all, we have read and gained strength from each and every single one. "

The family is grateful for the "selfie" movies that Thomas made with an iPod he saved up to buy with his allowance money.

"One of his most favourite things to do was make videos of himself," they wrote. "At the time we told him not to waste the memory on them. In hindsight, we can't thank his blessed soul enough for these. These videos capture Thomas at his pure goofy, fun-loving, innocent self. When he made these videos, he had no audience, no script and no expectations. He was just doing what he did best, having fun and making people smile."

The parents also offered their thanks in the eulogy delivered at Thomas's funeral: "There have been literally thousands of hands lifting us up and and helping us to face each new day as it dawns. If it weren't`t for this help I can`t imagine where we would be today. From our family and friends who have been grieving with us, to all three pastors who have been such a spiritual guide and source of comfort ... and the community at large, everyone has played a part in helping us cope and keep our heads above above water.  

"Between the food that has been dropped off, the hundreds of hugs and tears we have shared with people, and the notes of condolences and support we have received, all these have given us courage and kept us grounded. It is so obvious that people are not going through the motions, Thomas literally touched this whole community and complete strangers are shedding tears of sadness with us."