A show home in Spruce Grove, Alta. was completely stripped of its appliances and furniture by thieves so bold they even tried taking the kitchen sink.

All the high end stainless steel kitchen appliances including a microwave, dishwasher, a dual-fuel stove and a French-door fridge were stripped out of the kitchen.

The thieves even stole all the living room furniture, including a leather couch, and a king bedroom suite.

“Even the comforter off the bed was taken,” said Cpl. Colette Zazulak of the Spruce Grove RCMP.

All and all about $30,000 in goods was taken. Police believe the break-in occurred between Jan. 16th and 18th in the Countryside Ravines area on Highway 16. 

Cpl Colette Zazulak

RCMP Colette Zazulak says the thieves even took the comforter off the bed. (CBC)

Broken door jambs and a couple of tire tracks suggest that the thieves drove a truck into the garage and closed the door.

They also placed a piece of wood to serve as a ramp up the stairs into the house.

"Pretty much they could just go in through that door right there,” said Dave Balfour from Kassel Homes.

“Carry everything out and load up the trailer without anyone really seeing them."

The thieves blocked the bedroom window with pillows so no one could see them moving around inside. Crafty, yes, but Balfour says they also left behind some key accessories for their stolen goods. 

"They took the audio system with the iPod dock. But they left the power cords for said sound system and iPod dock,” he said.

“So they knew what they were doing in some circumstances, but in other ones? Not so much."

Balfour’s company is looking into whether the losses are covered by insurance even though the house alarm wasn’t turned on.

"Funny thing with security systems is they need to be turned on,” he said.

The sink remained in the kitchen, but there’s speculation the thieves panicked when they heard a neighbour leaving for work.  

“They were in the process of taking everything including the kitchen sink and then just took half of the faucet,” Zazulak said.