Thieves return knapsack to parents after son's suicide on LRT

The knapsack of an Edmonton university student who killed himself by jumping in front of an LRT train last week has been returned.

Backpack stolen after student jumped from LRT platform last week

Jan Thorpe and Shawn Egan on the return of their son Jonathan Langille's backpack, which was stolen moments after he committed suicide in an LRT station. 3:28

The knapsack of a university student who killed himself by jumping in front of an Edmonton LRT train last week has been returned.

"We received a call late last night," said Shawn Egan, stepfather of Jonathan Langille, 19, who died last Wednesday afternoon at the Coliseum LRT station.

"The people who had the backpack wanted to return it to us," he said.

Jonathan Langille, 19, was attending King's University College in Edmonton. (Courtesy of Jan Thorpe and Shawn Egan )

At the time of Langille's death, security cameras caught a teenage girl walking off with the pack.

Egan said he and Jonathan's mother, Jan Thorpe, went immediately to meet with the people who took the pack.

"They were feeling very sorry about what happened," he said. "They said they were high at the time and they were in a bad place. 

"We thanked them very much. We shook their hand — gave them whatever cash we had and a pack of smokes — and wished them well."

​Earlier this week, Egan and Thorpe pleaded for the return of the knapsack after learning someone ran off with it.

The thieves contacted the family after hearing the story on CBC Radio, Egan said.

Langille's journal, found in the knapsack, confirms that he committed suicide, he said.

"He was overwhelmed by so many things and he just wanted peace," Egan said. "We hope he finds it now."

Edmonton police said no charges will be laid in the case.