Health and safety violations have prompted public health officials to close down a notorious motel on Gateway Blvd.

The 19 violations at the Advantage Motel include mold, mice, broken windows, leaky pipes and a lack of smoke detectors. 

Tenants were ordered to leave by Monday.

"I think it's a good thing," said Jim Drader, who has worked at the motel since August. "It wasn't a good, safe environment."

On Monday, Drader brought one couple to a homeless shelter. The pair had had lived in the motel for ten years.

They weren't the only ones who lost their homes. Drader and his wife also lived there and have moved into their car.

"It's not comfortable, but it's a roof over my head," he said. "That's more than some other people have in life ... seat folds back and at least you can sort of lay down a little bit. When the back seat's full of stuff and that,  then you can't get back that far."

Drader said the former owner owes him money, but he's not sure he'll ever see it.

"My wife always said she never wanted to be a bag person but she told me last night, full of tears, that she figures she's pretty close to that now," he said.

Workers boarded up the building's doors and windows on Monday. The future of the motel is still in question.