Alberta Health Services has ordered the landlord of this south end apartment complex to rid the building of bedbugs, mice and cockroaches. ((CBC))

Residents of a south Edmonton apartment building are throwing out many of their belongings, because the building is infested with bedbugs.

"I've thrown out probably about $1,500 in furniture, a couple of beds, already, toys and stuffed animals and stuff that kids really loved," said Austin Kimmett. 

On July 29, Alberta Health Services issued an executive officer order to the landlord of the Yellow Bird House apartments, Amar Singh, ordering him to disinfect the building to ensure it is completely free of all pests, including mice and cockroaches, by Aug. 14. 

Residents, however, say that hasn't happened yet. Like Kimmett, Katrina Copp has also thrown out most of what she owns and spends most of her waking hours cleaning.

"It's exhausting, because everyday I have to vacuum. I have to spray my house with bleach. I barely sleep."

Alberta Health Services has conducted a follow-up inspection and said some measures have been taken to clean up the problem. Still, the file will remain open until the bugs are gone.

In spite of that, Copp and many other tenants say they're leaving, though the cost of starting over is steep.

"I have to start all over again with furniture, bedding," she said. "It's hard on [her son], because he lost all his teddy bears."

Others residents told CBC News they would like to leave but can't afford to because they're on social assistance.

CBC attempted to speak with Singh on Wednesday, but he drove away. A resident manager said spraying of the entire building should be finished within a week.