Teenagers looking for summer work in Fort McMurray, Alta., are being wooed with fat wages, big bonuses and even housing allowances.

The Service Canada Centre for Youth office in Fort McMurray, which is run by the federal government,opened Monday and staff say there's an abundance of jobs for teenagers in the boom town.

The centre's Danielle Comeau said the average hourly wage has jumped a full dollar from last summer to $14.45, which is more than double Alberta's minimum wage of $7.

Comeau said employers, including hotels and restaurants, are working hard to entice young workers.

"If you work for so long with a company, a lot of them offer a bonus, which is to get people to stay with them," said Comeau. "Also, companies, I've noticed, are offering housing, so that's a pretty neat perk —especially in Fort McMurray."

Comeau said many employers are subsidizing their workers' rent.

The centre in Fort McMurray found 300 teenage workers for employers last year. This year it's aiming to recruit 450 teenagers.