Teen mugging ignored by onlookers

A family received an unsettling welcome to Edmonton last Wednesday when their teenage daughter says she was mugged during rush hour at a busy downtown bus stop and no one stopped to help.

A teenage girl says she was mugged during rush hour at a bus stop in downtown Edmonton and nobody stopped to help.

Edmonton teen Abby Cleaver says she was mugged while waiting at a bus stop near 114th Street and 107th Avenue. ((CBC))

Abby Cleaver, 17, moved to Alberta from Victoria, B.C., a couple of weeks ago ahead of her parents so she could start high school in Sherwood Park.

Until the rest of her family arrived, she was staying with her aunt and taking the bus to school every morning.

The teen said she was attacked on Wednesday while waiting at a bus stop near 114th Street and 107th Avenue.

She said she was texting on her cellphone when a young woman approached her and asked for money. The teen said she refused and was then attacked by the woman who pulled her hair before running off with her phone.

Suzanne Cleaver says her daughter's experience has made the family question relocating to Edmonton. ((CBC))
Cleaver said the most shocking part of the incident was that others waiting for the bus didn't intervene.

"The people at the bus stop just looked at me. They didn't do anything, they just stayed there and just were watching me," she said.

Cleaver said one man even came out of his house to watch the incident before going back inside.

Suzanne Cleaver, the teen's mother, said the experience has made the whole family question relocating.

"That we can see someone being harmed or hurt and we don't respond, that speaks to a loss of community. And I think that can be a scary thing," she said.