A young Edmonton volunteer is recording the personal histories of seniors at a local retirement home to make sure their stories are not forgotten.

For the past two years, Megan Klack, 17, has met with residents at Wedgewood Retirement Community.

She spends about 10 hours with each resident, taking notes and looking at their pictures. Then she pulls everything into a keepsake they can pass on to their families.

“Great people's history always recorded but everyone has an interesting story,” she said.

Megan Klack

Megan Klack, 17, spends about 10 hours with each resident. (CBC )

A situation with her own family inspired Klack to start what she calls the Legacy Project.

“My parents were worried that my great-grandmother would die without telling whole story because she's 100 this year,” she said.

Thomas McKlocklin is one of the seniors who met with Klack.

“She's been very kind and patient,” he said. “Spent a lot of her time bringing back these kinds of memories and i appreciate that very much.”

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