Teen found dead in Viking, Alta., was high school athlete

A teen found dead in an alleyway in Viking, Alta., Sunday evening was on her high school basketball team and captain of the handball team.

Katelynn Berrecloth, a Grade 12 student in Sedgewick, played basketball, handball

Katelynn Berrecloth was found dead following a wedding reception Saturday in Viking, Alta., southeast of Edmonton (Facebook)

A teen found dead in an alleyway in Viking, Alta., Sunday evening was on her high school basketball team and captain of the handball team. 

KatelynnBerrecloth, a Grade 12 student in Sedgewick 50 kilometres away, was found dead Sunday night near a home where she attended a wedding reception the night before, said police. 

Vice Principal Stephen Hoyland holds a basketball that Berrecloth's teammates are signing for her family. (CBC )
Berrecloth was found lying in the snow wearing clothing inappropriate for the winter weather. The Edmonton RCMP Major Crimes Unit is investigating. An autopsy to determine the cause of death was scheduled for Tuesday. 

The 365 students at Central High Sedgewick Public School found out about Berrecloth's death on Monday. 

A crisis response team including several grief counsellors were brought in to help students and staff. A board has also been set up at the school where friends can write messages and memorials.

Berrecloth's teacher and coach Heather Chevraux remembered the teen as someone who saw the positive side of everything. 

"She was just one of those people who always had a smile on her face and liked to have a joke," she said. 

Students on her school teams are signing a basketball in Berrecloth's memory. 

"All the players on this team have signed it and they're going to present it to the family as a momento," said Vice Principal Stephen Hoyland.

"And something that's just from our heart here at the school and very dear to our whole community."

The school also plans to retire her hand-ball jersey, so the number will never be worn by another student.