After months of tense contract negotiations between teachers and the province, CBC News has learned that a tentative four-year deal has been reached.

"This is the first step. It means a major hurdle cleared," said Frank Bruseker, president of the Calgary Public Teachers Association.

While Bruseker said he didn’t have any information on what was in the proposed deal, sources tell CBC News that teachers would receive no wage increases for the first three years, followed by a two per cent increase in the final year.

Teachers will still have to vote on the proposal. Bruseker says the Alberta Teacher Association's leadership has recommended that the deal should be accepted.

The province has also agreed to look into teachers' workloads.

Education Minister Jeff Johnson would not comment on the proposed deal, only saying that more information would be available Friday.

As late as Tuesday, Johnson was signalling that his government might impose a settlement if both sides couldn’t reach a deal.

The province’s teachers have been without a contract since their last agreement expired in August.