The high school physics teacher fired for refusing to follow his principal’s directive not to give students zeros says the policy still continues at Edmonton Public Schools.

Lynden Dorval appeared before school trustees on Tuesday to speak out against the board’s revised grading policy, which he called a “tarted-up” version of the one he fought two years ago.

Trustees didn't ask Dorval any questions after he completed his two-and-a-half minute presentation. 

Afterwards, the veteran teacher told reporters he plans to keep fighting what remains a flawed policy.

“I would do whatever is possible to make sure that no no-zero policy is in effect in this city,” he said. 

“That's why I'm here, even though I'm retired and my case has been finished. I'm still here fighting the battle.”

Under new regulations, teachers are required to undertake five steps to prove they spoke to parents and allowed students many chances to finish work before they can give a zero.

Dorval argues that puts the burden on teachers to get students to complete their assignments.

Last week, an appeal board found that Dorval was treated unfairly by Edmonton Public Schools when he was fired in September 2012.

Dorval, a former physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, was suspended four months earlier  for awarding zeros to students for incomplete assignments or tests that were not taken.   

Dorval appealed the dismissal to the Board of Reference, which found in early August that he "was treated unfairly in his dismissal."

The board ordered Edmonton Public Schools to pay Dorval two years’ salary and top up his pension.

Edmonton Public Schools plans to appeal the decision.