The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on Alberta MLAs to lead by example during tough budget times and reduce their housing allowances, per diems and mileage.

"It’s never really easy to cut spending," CTF Alberta director Derek Fildebrand said on Monday.

"But if this going to be done, Albertans generally expect that their politicians are going to participate at least a little bit in the pain that comes with that."

MLAs from constituencies outside of Edmonton are allowed to claim more than $1,900 a month for a place to live in the capital.

They also receive 42 cents per kilometre when they use their own vehicle for MLA business.

While Fildebrandt believes these amounts are too generous. Progressive Conservative MLA David Dorward says he's heard no complaints from the public.

Dorward, the MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar, is also a member of the committee that oversees MLA compensation.

"It's one of the things that I've learned coming in as being elected just newly in April is how much we do travel around," he said.

"So kilometers on vehicles are really, really high. We're always on the road."

Fildebrandt believes that pressure from the public is the only way that MLAs will be forced to cut their expenses