Edmonton could one day be home to the tallest building in western Canada.

The proposed 71-storey tower, called the "Edmontonian," would be part residential, part five-star hotel and office space.

At 278 metres it would surpass Calgary's Bow Tower and that city's newest project under construction, Brookfield Place.

The building, which would be built near the Epcor Tower, would be a great addition to the city's skyline, said Jim Taylor with the Downtown Business Association.

"If you look around downtown Edmonton you see a lot of short squat buildings and that was because of the height restrictions for the airport," Taylor said.

"One of the first things that removing the airport does, it allows you to build a building that has the same square footage in it but is narrow and styled and much more attractive."

The original proposal was for a 40-storey building, but once the airport closed, the tower started growing.

The project still requires a building permit and approval from the city.