Whether you do it with bunny ears or by looping "around the tree," tying your shoes is one of the first lessons for any adult in training.

But a Sylvan Lake mom has gone viral for creating a new technique for lacing up.

When Kirsten Johnson's son Rylan, 7, was having trouble tying his laces, she remembered a trick she came up with several years ago as a teacher.

Just before school started last month, she posted a video how-to of her shoe lacing technique on a Facebook Live and YouTube. 

So far, it's been viewed more than 6 million times on social media, and garnered thousands of comments from grateful parents around the world.


"I decided to make the video because I had that epic 'mom fail' where my son is going into grade two, and I hadn't taught him to tie his shoes yet," said Johnson, a 33-year-old mother of two.

"We tried it a few times, and the walls were up and the tears were out."

But after Johnson switched to her simple lacing method, her son was hooked. 

'It took the walls down. It takes away that frustration.' - Kirsten Johnson

Within minutes, Rylan had tied his own shoes for the very first time, and after bragging to all his friends at school, he mastered the traditional method the next day, with no tears or tantrums.

"It took the walls down," said Johnson. "It takes away that frustration."

The former physical education and math teacher came up with the method yeas ago, when she worked with kids with autism and Asperger's.

And although the method is designed for children, she says the technique has proved beneficial well beyond the classroom.

She received a message from a woman who lost all but one of her fingers, and both of her legs. She said the method gave her the courage to relearn the skill she had lost so many years before, to use to tie the shoes on her prosthetic feet.

"I didn't think this would reach somebody like that, but she felt so dependent on people on all the time. The fact that she didn't have to ask someone to tie her shoe... it gave her a sense of freedom," said Johnson. 

"It's cool that it went that far... I was hoping to help a couple of mom friends and that was about it."