SUV rammed, man beaten in southwest Edmonton

What began as a collision in southwest Edmonton became an abduction and beating Monday morning, police say.
Members of the Edmonton police tactical team check their weapons outside a home in southwest Edmonton where a man was taken and beaten Monday. (James Hees/CBC News)

What began as a collision in southwest Edmonton became an abduction and beating Monday morning, police say.

At around 8 a.m. a car rammed a Cadillac Escalade SUV in a Terwillegar neighbourhood. Three or four men jumped out of the car and began beating the driver of the SUV.

A man who was abducted and beaten after his SUV was rammed in southwest Edmonton is led away from the scene by a paramedic. (CBC)

The victim was taken to a nearby home where he was beaten again.

He eventually escaped, ran to a neighbouring home and police were called.

Police believe a gun may have been involved so the tactical team was called to search the house.

The victim was taken to hospital and one suspect was arrested. Police are looking for two or three other suspects.

Police believe the events were drug related and that all the people involved knew each other.