A suspicious package that forced the closure of a road in southwest Edmonton today turned out to be a prize in a geo-caching scavenger hunt.

Police closed lanes on 119th Street from 34th Avenue after reports of a suspicious package discovered in the area by city employees picking up garbage at around 8:30 a.m.

The package contained a four-inch section of PVC piping with wires sticking out of one end, said Insp. Brian Nolan.

"He actually pulled the package out and when he saw it was attached by wires, he dropped it, he called us," he said.

The bomb squad was sent to the site and blew up the package.

They then discovered that it was a prize in geo-caching, a high-tech scavenger hunt involving participants looking for items with the use of a GPS.

Nolan said it's not first time the bomb unit has responded to calls that turned out to be geo-cache prizes.

"We urge people if you're participating in a game like this, please think of the consequences of the packages you're putting down," he said. "This ties up a lot of police resources."