Two brothers suspected of killing Alberta missionary Brian Townsend in Belize have been found dead.

The body of one man was found last weekend after he was shot.  His brother was killed two weeks ago.

Belize Police Supt. Dinsdale Thompson says it's impossible to determine whether the deaths are connected to the Townsend case

“There could be a possibility of some vengeance,” he said. “We don't have any evidence of that.”

Townsend, 64, was last heard from when he asked his cook to prepare dinner for him on Christmas.

By the time she got to his house, Townsend was gone.

His vehicle was missing and it looked as if his house had been vandalized. The cook also saw a trail of blood outside the house

Townsend’s badly decomposed body was found in Guatemala days later. 

A third suspect in Townsend’s death is now in custody. Police have have made no arrests in the deaths of the two brothers.