A survey of Edmonton soccer parents suggests that many are strongly opposed to moving to no-score games for players under 12 years old.

So far, 95 per cent of parents who answered a survey by the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association want to keep scores and standings for young players. 

Final results are expected later this week.  

A survey by the Calgary Minor Soccer Association released this week shows 86 per cent of respondents want to keep scoring in place.

Parent and coach Sandra Forscutt sees no need to change.

"They know what the score is. They know whether they win or lose and I don't think it's a bad thing to initiate a little bit of competition at a younger age," she said.

"I mean, nobody is harming anybody. As long as we teach them good sportsmanship, I don't think there is anything wrong with it."

Amanda Smith, another coach and parent of young players, prefers that the focus move away from scoring.

"I think it's fundamentally unnecessary to keep score at very young ages," she said. "I think in the U-10 and U-12, as they get more competitive, I guess it's a little more important, but also not entirely necessary."

The Ontario Soccer League is planning to make the move mandatory by next year.

Proponents believe the change would remove the pressure to score goals and allow children to focus more on fun and skill development.

The move is also strongly supported by the Canadian Soccer Association..

The Alberta Soccer Association will be meeting with clubs later this month to discuss dropping scores and standings.