The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division will conduct a survey to determine how many people in Morinville want their children to receive a secular education.

The move comes after members of the board met with Education Minister Dave Hancock on Wednesday, where he discussed "their responsibilities" regarding a request by Donna Hunter, the parent who spearheaded the fight to get Morinville a secular school.

Earlier this year, the board rejected Hunter's request for the program.

"In my view, the law is quite clear that the rights and privileges of the GSACRD board are no different than those of any other public school board," Hancock writes in the March 24 letter to Hunter. "The board indicated they understand their obligation.

"What is at issue here is not whether you and your children, and the other parents in Morinville whom you represent, have a right to secular education. What is at issue is how this education should be provided."

Hunter called the letter a major step forward.

"I'm glad that it's finally going to happen but we've lost two months and the fall is coming very quickly so we will not be satisfied until that education is provided," she said.

"Doesn't matter how many children require it, it's a right and it's going to be provided and all the electoral rights have to be included."

The Greater St. Albert Regional Catholic Division runs all four schools in the town north of Edmonton: two for elementary grade students and a junior and senior high school.

According to his letter, the board will meet with parents as soon as possible. They will also talk to the adjacent Sturgeon School Division about the possibility of running a secular program in Morinville.