Tom Bregg, shown in a photo posted on the Facebook group supporting him, was seriously injured Thursday during an altercation with a passenger on his bus. ((Facebook))

A Facebook group started to show support for an Edmonton bus driver viciously attacked on the job attracted more than 1,300 members just days after it was created.

Tom Bregg, 58, suffered severe injuries after he was attacked by a passenger on Thursday during a dispute over bus fare.

Bregg remains in hospital in stable condition, and has already undergone two surgeries.

Katerina Kane, a regular passenger on Bregg's bus, started the Facebook group on Friday.

She said Bregg is a kind man who goes out of his way for all of his passengers.

"The thing that stood out … was that he would always wait until I had a seat before he pulled the bus away. He always made sure everyone was seated until he actually pulled out from the curb," she said.

People from across Canada, and as far away as New York and England, have joined the Facebook group.

The hundreds of messages on the page express outrage over the incident and wishes for a speedy recovery.


Thousands of people have joined the Facebook group to offer their support to Bregg, shown above in a photo posted to the group. ((Facebook))

One person wrote they were "shocked and saddened" to hear what happened, while another described Bregg as "a gentle soul."

There are postings on the page from Bregg's friends and family, his regular passengers, and fellow bus drivers.

Many of the people offering their support say they don't even know Bregg, but the incident was so horrifying they feel compelled to reach out.

Gary Edwin Mattson, 24, has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.