You would be forgiven for thinking you were seeing double at Jackie Parker Park in southeast Edmonton on Sunday, as the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club hosted a picnic for families with multiple children born at the same time.

Charissa Scott is vice-president of the club, and a mother to five-year-old twins.

Scott says that raising twins can lead to struggles that raising a single baby doesn’t.

"Potty training was a big one," she says, laughing, about her own experiences as a parent of twins .

She says events like these are important for parents and children, as they offer support and a sense of community.

"It’s just to raise awareness among everybody that when you’re having twins or triplets — or maybe more — that we are here as a support, to give access to other parents who have experience and knowledge dealing with multiples," she said.

"You just have so many things and so many struggles, that when you get together with other parents of twins or even triplets — it’s somebody who understands."

Phillip Townsend was among the 200 people that gathered at the park.

Townsend is a father of five, three of whom are triplets. At first, he said, it was a bit of a shock to learn that his family would more than double overnight.

"It was an interesting first six months, thats for sure," he said, describing the experience of going through 30 diapers and a whole pack of formula every day.

Now, he says his priority is to help his girls be recognized as individuals with unique personalities.

"Sometimes people sort of think of them as one person, or combine them together. We’ve tried to encourage them to be their own individuals."