Charges are pending against a 30-year-old man following a carjacking outside the Sugarbowl Cafe in the Garneau neighbourhood last night.

A woman had come out of the restaurant just before 10 p.m. and was pulled from her vehicle, police said. The suspect tried to drive away, but hit a parked car.

Patrons rushed out of the restaurant to help. One man was punched in the face by the suspect who then ran off.

Some patrons continued to track the suspect, helping police to make an arrest a short time later.

"They were our deputies," said police spokesman Scott Pattison. "They did a great job."

Police believe the man was involved in two personal robbery attempts in the area shortly before the carjacking. 

The suspect is charged with three counts of robbery, three counts of wearing a disguise (a medical mask), assault and hit-and-run.

Thursday marks the fourth carjacking incident or attempt in the city over the past four weeks. But Pattison doesn't believe the number of these crimes is increasing. 

"These things happen randomly throughout the year, every year, in large metropolitan cities, unfortunately," he said.  "I think they're random and I don't think that they're trending because of any particular reason."