Stunt victim was about to be married, attend U of A

A 20-year-old woman killed when a stunt went awry at an Edmonton parking lot Saturday has been identified as Melinda Green.

Melinda Green died when Jeep driver lost control during demonstration

Friends and family mourn Melinda Green 1:26

A 20-year-old woman killed when a stunt went awry at an Edmonton parking lot Saturday has been identified as Melinda Green. 

Melinda Green died when a demonstration went awry at the Oliver Square parking lot Saturday. (Facebook)

Green worked at the Second Cup at the downtown Stanley A. Milner Library, which remained closed over the weekend following her death.

"She was a beautiful woman," said regular customer Don McGregor who has known Green since she was 15. "We're devastated. She touched all of us with her love."

When Green did not show up for work for her Saturday 10 a.m. shift, staff called her father and learned what happened. The store was immediately closed.

Green died during a demonstration at Oilver Square, west of downtown, when the driver of a Jeep performing a stunt lost control, lurching forward into a parked vehicle where Green was standing.

Green had just become engaged to be married, McGregor said. "As a matter of fact, I just got my wedding invitation," he said. "They were to be married May 24th next year."

McGregor described Green as intelligent, funny, eccentric, organized and driven.

Green was just beginning her life, graduating from Grant MacEwan University and heading to the University of Alberta, he said.

Green and her fiance had purchased a Jeep in October, her "pride and joy."

"She was just looking forward to enjoying her life and it's a shame it came to an end so quickly," McGregor said.

McGregor doesn't blame the driver of the Jeep that hit Green, but said the organizers should have done better protecting the viewers.

"They should never have let the people close enough that a Jeep could turn over and have it kill someone."

The event known as "Jeeps Go Topless Day" is a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank.