Despite efforts by educators, bullying continues to be a problem in Edmonton schools.

Mope Mogale, a Grade 12 student at Louis St. Laurent High School, remembered the day she was dragged out of her chair by another student. Many thoughts raced through her head as it happened.

"Like I don't belong here. Like I don't even have to be in this country or whatever," she said.


Mope Mogale says she was embarrassed when another student dragged her out of her chair in front of others. (CBC)

Grade 11 student Alyssa Vickert says when she was younger she was targeted by a student who threw her in a garbage can in front of others, locked her out of the classroom and made fun of her — behavior that some characterized as "joking around."

"But no," she said.  "It's a different energy when someone is coming off as like playful and friendly ...when it's that kind of vicious, you don't feel like they're just joking around."

Edmonton outlawed schoolyard bullying almost ten years ago, a bylaw some of the students CBC spoke to on Tuesday didn't know existed.

Const. Rosemarie Lees said that about ten to 12 tickets have been issued over the life of the bylaw, but that's because it's an action of last resort.

"We like to work with the students and try and come up with a resolution between the involved parties," she said.

On Tuesday night, Louis St. Laurent High School hosted a live province-wide webcast on cyber-bullying, as a way of raising awareness during National Bullying Awareness Week