Changes to Lister Hall have sparked a fierce battle between administration at the University of Alberta students groups.

Administration announced earlier that Lister was being turned into a residence for first-year students, with a ban on drinking in public areas. The university has also decided to replace floor co-ordinators elected by students with employees.

Student groups were furious, claiming the university imposed the changes without consulting them.

On Wednesday, officials posted an article on the university website which listed a "near weekly shower of broken glass" caused by bottles thrown out of windows, students "habitually urinating on walls," as well as "multiple occurrences of intoxicated students found lying in vomit requiring transport to the hospital."

Over a four month period, Lister also incurred damages that cost the university $28,000. Damages in "another large residence during the same period" totalled $400, the university claimed.

"There is a system and culture in place that are detrimental to students’ well-being and academic success," Frank Robinson, the university's vice-provost and dean of students, said in the article. "And let’s not forget that there will be more than 300 minors living in Lister this fall."

Student leaders say the university is overstating the problem.

"We definitely recognize that Lister needs to see some change," said Saadiq Sumar from the University of Alberta Students Union. "However, we see the university administration as sensationalizing the problem a little bit."

However, some students say they have seen some wild things at Lister Hall.

"Mostly people throwing things out of windows, from mattresses to TVs to sofas to pumpkins," said 4th year student Katherine Lucki.

But other students say Lister isn't that bad. 

"It's a little bit noisy when you're studying, but overall it's a great place to live," said second-year student Shi An.

Most of the changes will go into effect in September.